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drygear strain wave gear

Modular robot system
The robolink® modular robotic system allows you to automate manual work steps quickly and easily. Articulated arms in various lengths and sizes are available. The number of lubrication-free joints used ranges from two to six, and the robot can be equipped with various tools (e.g., grippers, suction cup, camera, etc.) as desired. robolink® robot components are characterised by their modularity. As a modular system, a robot arm can be configured as desired and therefore economically, and moreover it is also possible to obtain ready-to-use complete systems.  


Number of products: 4

drygear® Strain wave gear | Installation size 17
  • Transmission: 28:1
  • Mechanical lifetime: 1,000,000 cycles 
  • small, compact design 
drygear® Strain wave gear | size 17 with Nema 11 motor
  • Installation Size: 17 with NEMA11/flange dimension 28 mm
  • Optional motor connections: Wire, plug and wire with encoder  
drygear® Strain wave gear | size 17 with Nema 17 motor
  • Installation size: 17 with NEMA17/flange dimension 42 mm
  • Optional motor connections: wire, connector, encoder and brake
drygear® Strain wave gear INI Kit
  • Ini-Kit
  • Initiator
  • inductive
  • output: PNP
  • type: normally open (NO)


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